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YesAnd x MAGO

YesAnd x MAGO

About the Partnership

YesAnd x Kornit x MAGO introduce the world’s first certified organic on-demand farm-to-print collaboration, celebrating their shared commitment to drive sustainability through fashion, technology, and art.

About YesAnd

Founded by ecolifestyle pioneer and global authority Marci Zaroff, as part of her ecofashionCORP “Greenhouse of Brands,” YesAnd offers people a way to buy what they love and seek with modern design, color, high quality, accessibility, and inclusivity, while also giving them a way to make a difference to human and environmental wellness, farmer and worker welfare, climate action, and future generations. With an innovative, edgy, flattering, and fun vibe, YesAnd is all about no compromise in value or values. GOTS-certified organic, low-impact dyed, and ethically-made, YesAnd empowers consumers to look good, feel good and do good in the world.

About Kornit Digital

(NASDAQ: KRNT) is a worldwide market leader in sustainable, on-demand, digitalfashion and textile production technologies. The Company is writing the operating system for fashion withend-to-end solutions including digital printing systems, inks, consumables, and an entire globalecosystem that manages workflows and fulfillment. Headquartered in Israel with offices in the USA,Europe, and Asia Pacific, Kornit Digital serves customers in more than 100 countries and statesworldwide. To learn more about how Kornit Digital is boldly transforming the world of fashion and textiles,visit

About MAGO Gallery

Mago Gallery is a gallery dedicated to Japanese artist Nagasaka Mago (MAGO).MAGO creates art using waste materials from slums in Ghana and uses the profits from sales andrecycling projects to improve the environment of the slums. Currently, MAGO has galleries in Japan, NewYork, Paris, and Hong Kong. Through the sale of his artworks worldwide, MAGO aims to realize thesustainable capitalism which he advocates. Sustainable Capitalism is a new type of capitalism that aimsto solve social problems while developing itself through business. It refers to a state in which the threeaxes of economy, culture, and environment circulate in a well-balanced manner. MAGO Gallery will serveas a base for expanding sustainable capitalism worldwide.

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