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The Partnership

In co-creation with the Rodale Institute and artist / environmentalist Hannah Eddy, we’re introducing a special edition tee! The “Don’t Hate, Regenerate” tee connects the dots between agriculture, art and fashion to spread a climate positive message. Forget fear-based climate doom and gloom! Human and planetary health can be restored with the world’s most renewable energy: love. At the heart of regenerative agriculture is holistic love and gratitude for the elements that allow all of life to thrive.

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Regenerative Agriculture,
What is it?

According to Rodale Institute, “regenerative agriculture is a systems approach to farming that builds soil health by supporting biodiversity above and below ground to return carbon and nutrients back to the soil.” Soil is the skin of the earth-- its organic matter has been depleted by conventional agriculture, limiting yields and relying on expensive and toxic inputs. Changing the way we farm can actually regenerate ecosystems on the verge of collapse and restore farmer livelihoods.

Learn more about how it relates to fashion here.

Rodale Institute

For over 70 years, Rodale Institute has pioneered regenerative organic agriculture research. Located in Berks County, PA, the Rodale Institute is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that has been providing trainings and studies to farmers since 1973. Marci Zaroff, our founder, is an ambassador for the organization.

Hannah Eddy Art

Based in Reno, NV, Hannah is an illustrator, painter and muralist. Her home is nestled close to the Sierra Nevada mountains which she loves exploring. As a snowboard, skate, and surf enthusiast, she seeks adventure outdoors and is inspired to help protect nature’s playground. Hannah uses fun colors and a lighthearted illustrative style to evoke a playful interaction with our natural world. In her work, you’ll see a mixture of linework, characters, hand lettering, and colors to create imaginative landscapes, along with funky females embracing nature and feeling the flow.


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