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5 Ways Our Closets Will Look Different, Post-Pandemic

While it may feel like the days are all the same, blurring into one another, a lot is changing around us right now. Basic social systems are teetering on the edge of collapse, while pressure mounts on families and relationships and businesses. We are having to rethink EVERYTHING. That big rethink will impact each of us differently, but how we dress is already evolving. Here's our prediction for how our wardrobes will be impacted, post-pandemic:

1. LESS IS MORE    This moment in time is giving us an opportunity to reconnect with our things. More people are mending and making their own clothes and masks. Those who have been laid off or furloughed, especially, are being resourceful with what they have. And perhaps, in not going into the office, people are realizing that the pressure to have a brand new, fresh look each day is an unnecessary self-imposed stressor. 

2. WORKLEISURE    Working from home is likely not going away any time soon. What we once dubbed "athleisure" has become our go-to capsule collection for any day of the week. Throw a cardigan over a statement tee and joggers and you're ready for whatever life has to throw your way, whether it be a video call with the big boss, or an afternoon leg-stretch around the 'hood. A recent article in The Atlantic suggested that we might ditch formal dress codes altogether when and if we go back to the office.

3. SEASONLESS LAYERS    Gone are the days of swapping out Summer wardrobe for Winter wardrobe. No one cares if you wear white pants in Winter or full-coverage layers to the beach in Summer. (It's becoming more practical with the increasing strength of the sun's rays.) The times are changing-- as our closets thin out, we won't have the hassle of the seasonal trade-out. Just look at Gucci, who just announced a shift to two seasonless collections per year!

4. A NEW UNIFORM: MASKS    Masks aren't going away any time soon. Most apparel companies have added masks to their assortment-- if nervous shoppers aren't buying tons of clothes, they won't be stopped from buying masks as the medical community continues to advise wearing a face covering. What's more, as quarantine rules relax and the weather warms, it's the best way to keep ourselves protected outside our homes. (Just make sure your mask is organic!)

5. MADE IN THE USA    This pandemic has proven that far-flung supply chains make disruption all the more chaotic. Companies that are based locally have been quick to react to PPE needs and keep garment workers busy, employed and safe. We might see more brands keep a portion of their manufacturing close to home to be better prepared when things go awry in the future. Get ready to see your "Made in..." labels include countries that are not on the opposite side of the planet, especially if and when more tariffs are put into place, as Sourcing Journal predicts.

This is just the beginning. There will be more shifts over time as we recover from this blip and prepare ourselves for the next one. This is a great learning opportunity and chance to examine what we have, what "brings us joy" and... what needs mending. 

What do you see changing in how you dress? Have you repaired, dyed, sewn or knitted anything yourself? We'd love to hear from you! Email us at !


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