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Connecting the Dots with Blockchain

blockchain (n.) -

a central, secure place for connecting info, documents, data and suppliers. A tool for traceability, transparency and efficiencies for supply chains.

Some of the core pillars of the YesAnd brand are authenticity, traceability, transparency and innovation. Why? We know that the future of fashion relies on both trust and technology. Everyone should be clear on where we stand on our sustainability journey, every step of the way. With a global supply chain, our team needs to be connected throughout, and it's in our brand ethos to allow access to that journey. 

It's no secret that fashion's supply chains are fraught with exploitation, corruption, and environmental destruction. But, at YesAnd, we believe the industry can transform into one that empowers, regenerates, and restores both people and planet. After all, a garment can change hands 7-10 times or more before it reaches the "end consumer." 80% of supply chains are terribly fragmented-- expanding networks of suppliers and their many subcontractors spiraling beyond even the most diligent brand's possible supervision.

We aim to empower everyone along our vertical supply chains. Blockchain helps digitize the steps in our manufacturing process, giving us the ability to track and trace our materials from farm to finished product. This data is collected in one place so we can benchmark, audit, and continue to improve. Because all info is embedded in the blockchain, it adds an extra layer of authenticity by offering visibility at every stage of the supply chain, not to mention validating our certifications at each of those stages.

Just like we’ve grown closer to the sources of our food, blockchain gives customers the chance to get closer to understanding how and where our products are made. Our goal is to get our entire supply chain connected on blockchain. Right now, we have our largest knits factory plugged in. We are aiming to transition the rest of our factories as soon as possible. Step two will be to embed impact metrics-- that is, tracking carbon impact, energy and water usage throughout each of the stages.

Our blockchain is powered by the credible, storytelling interface, Storybird. By scanning the QR code on the inside tag of our newest styles from our blockchain-enabled factories, you are invited to join us on the journey to the origin of your favorite YesAnd pieces.

Is this all blowing your mind? Have questions? Let us know!


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