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Interview with Boundless Creatives

Tell us a bit more about yourselves and your journey to starting Boundless Creatives
Alyssa and I kismetly crossed paths a couple years back at an event at Sundays studio, the nontoxic nail salon in NYC. We instantly clicked and connected on spirituality, our wellness social media content creation & our individual marketing consultancies. We were (and are) total mirrors of each other. We balanced each others skill sets and felt an instant synergy, so we started collaborating on a few consulting projects together. At the beginning of the pandemic that evolved into launching Soulbound, our 4-week course to greater spiritual self-discovery grounded in the chakras and The Boundless Method, coaching, our 2021 Boundless Intentions Journal (which we're launching a V2 version in 2022!) and more! 
We're so excited to create Boundless' first GOTS certified organic fashion collection! What draws you to sustainable fashion and why did you want to create your own collection with YesAnd?
I kickstarted my career in sustainable fashion consulting right after college. It changed my perspective on the fashion industry and helped me truly understand what "sustainability" meant from cradle-to-cradle. I will never forget nearly tearing up at the NYC premiere of Andrew Morgan's The True Cost in 2015. From that day on I vowed to never buy fast fashion again. That conscious intention stuck with me and has transcended into all parts of my life — not only what I wear, but what I eat, the makeup and skincare I use etc. It's all interconnected. It's a lifestyle and YesAnd really honors that. They have created YES, sustainable fashion, AND apparel that's stylish & accessible. That definitely wasn't a thing in 2015 and barely is a thing today! To see the evolution of the industry has been inspiring and we're humbled to be along for the ride with YesAnd.
Alyssa has been part of the ECOfashion CORP family since the beginning and has watched the company grow. She learned about the fashion industry and its effects on the planet first hand from Marci. Alyssa always knew she wanted to work with sustainability and infuse spirituality into it. She admires Marci's co-collaboration mindset and is honored to be able to co-create with such an amazing Founder/company. 

Where did you find the inspiration behind the designs and what are you hoping people take away from the meaning behind the collection?
The Boundless crew design represents that our growth and self-discovery journey is ever-evolving. It's about continuously striving, growing, failing, learning through it all to be our best selves and reach our highest potential. Alas, there is no Las Vegas sign destination to our highest self. That's why you see the pink "boundless" isn't actually at the very top of the design, it's right below it. Our purpose & highest self is theoretical in truth. It changes as we change. Rises as we rise.
The ALIGNED crew is inspired by the chakras, a pillar spiritual system of the Boundless brand and the foundation of our self-paced Soulbound course, a 4-week self-paced journey to spiritual self discovery. Every letter color corresponds to every one of the 7 main chakras — red root chakra representing stability, safety, security; orange sacral chakra representing creativity, sexuality etc. all the way up to the crown chakra. Your root chakra starts at the base of your spine and works up vertically, so we flipped the original design vertically to showcase that.  
This collection is really to remind yourself and others to embody your boundless potential and live in alignment with your purpose. When you rock intentionally made clothes, you absorb & radiate that energy out.  

You both mention that sustainability, community and spirituality are interconnected.. can you touch on this a bit more?
Everything is birthed from the same universe, the same earth — the trees, buildings, everything that surrounds us each and every day. That same mother inevitably creates a divine connection between us, creating a community that may not always be felt or visible, but is certainly evident energetically. And at the core of sustainability is slowing down, honoring the earth & remembering our roots — where we all came from. It all comes back to mother earth. When we connect deeper with nature, we connect deeper with ourselves, and thus our community & our spirit. It's one in the same.

Do you have any recommendations for people on how to begin their sustainable and spiritual journey?

Get quiet and get into nature. I am a total urban hippie (if you couldn't tell by my last response) and I am a big believer in the healing powers of nature. Technology is a beautiful invention if used with intention, but when abused (which most of us, including me, typically do) it can starve your soul. When you get quiet, you're able to hear yourself, your thoughts and get to know yourself on a deep soul level. Pair that with immersing yourself in nature and it's like a phone charger for your soul. You feel revitalized and it awakens your appreciation for this earth. 
When it comes to sustainable fashion, shop GOTS-certified, organic, natural textiles and second-hand whenever possible. And don't be scared to ask questions! Take the seat of a starter and just begin! 


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