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5 Ways to Avoid Black Friday

It's Black Friday. 🙄 if you're reading this, it's likely you are resisting the "urge to splurge" like the rest of us. While the history of Black Friday is debated, the last several decades have defined the day after Thanksgiving as the biggest shopping day of the year, with deals and discounts to entice holiday shoppers.

Obviously there are many that shop discounts out of need, but most shop out of an addiction to deals. We've been conditioned. This year, spread the word to friends and family who can afford to say "no" to excess and join the movement to change the way we value things. At YES AND, we believe the embedded value of our beautiful, sustainable & ethically-made clothes remains the same whether it's Black Friday or Giving Tuesday or any other insignificant day of the year.

In recent years, a growing group of brands and customers have turned their back on Black Friday, as the impacts of holiday waste are revealed. YES AND has teamed up with Fashion Revolution to reject Black Friday discounts and instead a percentage sales this weekend will go toward their organization, which raises awareness around the impacts of fast fashion and how we can collectively drive positive change.

Here are 5 ways you can ditch the gluttony and still participate in holiday gift giving:


Before spending anything at all, make a list. Do the research to find things that are made well and are going to last. Instead of many small plastic gifts (for children), consider one really special gift that supports a local business. If your budget is tight like many this year, shop secondhand for toys-- the Earth will thank you. And for adults, buy sustainable gifts (ahem, we've got 'em) or healthy experiences like a subscription to Lyons Den Digital power yoga


Consider whose wealth you are contributing to. By supporting smaller brands and local businesses, you can ensure you're not filling the pockets of billionaires or feeding the exploitation that plagues giant discount-heavy corporations. Discount shopping feeds inequality. Support the communities and values that you want to thrive! 


This is the best gift for those on a budget to give to loved ones who are spread thin. Run errands, drop off a meal, or host a digital get together for someone who you know is lonely or exhausted. You can't put a price tag on love and effort. 


Homemade gifts, if you have the time and energy, have value that go beyond the surface. They're less likely to end up in the garbage and more likely to warm the heart like only genuine gift-giving can do. I've got this DIY macrame plant hanger on my agenda!


For the person who already has it all, make a donation in their name. It's a great way to honor someone you love by supporting a cause they care about. Pet lover? Donate to an animal sanctuary. Activist? Donate to Planned Parenthood or the ACLU.


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