6 Quotes That Resonate RIGHT NOW

6 Quotes That Resonate RIGHT NOW

We are, of late, finding ourselves leaning on the words of sustainable fashion leaders. Here are a few that are fueling us right now:

“The post Covid-19 future I want to live in is one where we take our time with our purchases and make more considered decisions about our spending; carefully deciding whether we truly need the item and if the maker reflects our values. I essentially want to return to a post-fast fashion world.” ~Aja Barber


“Designers and corporations alike have the ability to change the conversation about worth by re-evaluating and restructuring how we pay people and how we pay for resources and where we find them. The worst case scenario is that we continue down the path we are on.” ~Daniel Silverstein, ZWD


“We have the power to look good, feel good, and do good in the world, all at once. Collectively, we just have to design this reality.” ~Marci Zaroff, ECOrenaissance 


“Soil is literally the source of spirituality, nourishment, life, ...and fashion. There are so many forms of political resistance and we sometimes forget that the divinity of agriculture, natural fibers and supporting Indigenous farmers is equally, if not a bigger part of political resistance.” ~Dominique Drakeford, MelaninASS


“It seems we are massively entering a quarantine of consumption where we will learn how to be happy just with a simple dress, rediscovering old favorites we own, reading a forgotten book and cooking up a storm to make life beautiful. ~Li Edelkoort


Creativity is about finding ways around obstacles, and rethinking things, being creative within every moment of change.” ~Mara HoffmanECOrenaissance


Any wise words you'd like to share with us? We'd love to hear from you. Email us here.



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