7 Easy Ways To Keep Well

7 Easy Ways To Keep Well

Let's face it-- these are strange times. There's only so much we can control when it comes to COVID-19. I took a stroll around the office to see what the team was doing to keep well and here's the roundup:

1. Stay hydrated. Water, ginger tea and lemon water were among the faves.

2. Meditate. This meditation specifically targets the release of fears around the coronavirus.

3. Make time for good rest. It's no secret that good sleep helps our immune systems. Now is a great time to make it a priority

4. Wash hands often and don't touch your face. This is the biggest one and we couldn't leave it off the list. Dry hands are the new black.

5. Start the day with antioxidants. Adding a handful of berries to your breakfast is a great way to boost the immune system. (Plus it's delicious.)

6. Know where your food comes from. Eat locally and try to prepare your own food.

7. Do yoga or gentle exercise. Reducing stress is also great for the immune system. (Don't forget to BYO mat to the studio!)

Looking after our body, mind and soul is our greatest defense against illness. Stay well. 

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