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A Bright New Year:
5 Ways to Stay Positive in 2021

While many of us may be ready to kick 2020 to the curb, the reality is that there is no line in the sand that truly separates the seeming apocalypse of 2020 from the rest of the future. As we begin 2021, let's adjust our outlook with a few simple tweaks. Here are some habits to bring to the fore of our awareness that can help us as individuals push pessimism aside.
1. Chill 
Sounds obvious, but we need to recognize our stress levels and intentionally look after ourselves following intense periods in our lives. It's okay for us to be busy and stressed, as long as we give ourselves time to recoup. 
2. Listen up
Pay attention to the emotions that bubble to your surface. Dealing with how we feel in the moment keeps us from letting it all accumulate. Take notice of joy and how it takes shape. The more we recognize the things that make us smile, the more things will make us smile. Sounds naive, but it's true.
3. Move
Whether athletic or not, our physical movement and breath shifts the energy and cells in our being, allowing us to think better, speak better, and sleep better, all impacting our frame of mind and ability to find joy. It could just mean dancing for ten minutes after dinner or doing three sun salutations when you wake up.
4. Say it
Giving voice to our hopes brings substance. Writing them down makes them even more concrete. By speaking our goals aloud or listing out what we're thankful for, we can focus on what we want, instead of what we don't want for ourselves. 
5. Lean on me
More than ever, 2020 showed us what and who we care about. Nurture the connections you've rekindled. Call, text, zoom, write-- put energy into the relationships that fill your cup and it will never be half full or empty. It will be overflowing. 
Happy New Year from the YES AND family! We wish you a 2021 full of hope and tons of light!🌟


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