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Going Beyond Galentines

How can we go beyond the interpersonal love we feel towards our friends, family and lovers? While many say that love itself is a construct, the actions we take toward the people we feel deep affection for are very concrete. 

Imagine the possibilities if we extend that type of affection to the rest of the world around us: Mother Earth, our ecosystems, and the plants and animals and natural resources that make them up. If we all direct the highest form of energetic vibration-- love-- toward these things, we can not only restore our Earth, but cure the empathy deficiency we see in our communities.

Love is the absence of fear. It might feel impossible to silence our fears when climate change, political unrest and disinformation are thriving. Here are four ways to get started banishing fear and vibrating higher:

1  Acknowledge when you feel yourself or observe a friend ruminate on negative thoughts. It's normal and healthy to react to disturbing events. How we choose to cope is where we hold control. Break the cycle by moving to step 2.

2  Disrupt your thought cycle with intention setting and a gratitude practice. Try to focus your visions on things broad and global instead of day to day minutiae.

3  Practice daily affirmations, aloud and in the mirror. Sounds corny, but it is effective. It could be as simple as, "I have unlimited love energy," or, "I am fearless."

4  Make daily choices that align with your broad vision. When your intentions are at the top of your mind, it's easier to create habits that add up to big change, like choosing sustainable fashion for instance. 😉

Just like interpersonal love, you get back what you give. Put the energy out there and it will return to you. 

How do you love beyond your inner circle? Let us know!


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