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Tees That Plant Trees? Tell Me More...

Earlier this year, we began our one-for-one initiative, where YesAnd plants a tree for each purchase that's made. You may be asking yourself what trees have to do with fashion and thinking that it's not a direct benefit. You're right. We manage to reduce a lot of fashion's impact along the way-- by choosing natural fibers grown using regenerative organic agriculture, by ensuring our workers are paid a living wage, and by using farms and factories that are in the same geographical area as one another.

But, there are some impacts that we haven't conquered yet, like emissions from shipping. "Offsets" are indirect ways to undo the impact that business has on the planet. While we continue to innovate and target a carbon neutral future, we're planting mangrove trees in Madagascar.

Mangroves are on of the best varieties of tree for absorbing carbon from the atmosphere. In fact, studies show that mangroves sequester carbon up to four times the rate of mature tropical forests. In addition to carbon mitigation, mangroves also protect coastal ecosystems, their roots holding the soil in place to prevent erosion. Land planted with mangroves is more resilient to damage from severe weather. 

Each mangrove tree has the power to remove 680 pounds of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere in its lifetime! And of course, these trees provide a heathy home to a number of marine and land species.

Beyond the environmental benefits, our tree-planting initiative creates jobs for local villagers, who plant the propagules (baby trees) and maintain them to increase their chances of survival. Seeds are native to the area and are grown in nurseries to ensure quality and germination rates. Survival rates are above 80%. On top of that, young trees begin to produce their own propagules, regenerating themselves and increasing the impact of the planting by double or more!

Together, with your support, this initiative offsets our carbon emissions and take action against climate change. We can't wait to be carbon neutral and are aiming for 11/11/22. Do you have ideas for us? Please share them! Email us at


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