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Co-creating a
Sexy AND Sustainable
Fashion Industry

The power of collaboration can't be denied. YES AND and We Are HAH share a common goal to make fashion sexy AND sustainable. What started as a HOT co-branded photo shoot (see above pic!) will be growing into a private label organics partnership. We asked Founder / CEOs Marci Zaroff (YES AND) and Sharleen Ernster (We Are HAH) a few questions about all things stylish, sexy and sustainable and want to share that interview with you!

How would you define co-creation?

MZ: 1+1=11; We're stronger together than we are apart. When we put our collective strengths together with likeminded partners, the impact is exponential.

SE: Co-creation is the equal sharing of accountability and the honor of bringing product into the world. It's the recognition of the responsibility, the impact and the significant role of people and planet in all we create. You share not only in the idea but in the impact. 

What’s so sexy about sustainability?

MZ: Being responsible to our children & future generations is inherently our responsibility as citizens of the world. As Gandhi said, "There's no beauty in the finest cloth if it makes hunger and unhappiness." When you can look, feel, and do good simultaneously, it adds a tremendous depth to the superficial world of fashion. That ability to touch consumers on every level is what makes it sexy. Your whole body feels that excitement—resonating and sparking every cell in a different way. 

SE: Everything about sustainability is sexy!! I get charged just thinking about it! It's inspiring to co-create designs and products that are not only beautiful to the eyes but easy on you and Mother Earth too. There is nothing sexier than doing the right thing-- beautifully & naturally.



Sharleen (L) and Marci (R) with a farmer on a visit to ECOfashion Corp's regenerative-in-conversion to organic farm project in India

What do you look up to in each other / how do you complement each other as fellow CEOs and brands?

MZ: Sharleen and I are soul sisters, speaking the same language through different kinds of products. Our stories reinforce each other, building incremental awareness. We are both creative visionaries in a different way—I’m inspired by her gift of design and creative spirit. It’s a love fest! We adore each other and want to help each other. 

SE: Marci is a leading Pioneer in ECOfashion (amongst other categories!) I am a late bloomer and a convert later in my career. I admire Marci’s vision and fortitude to stick to her beliefs as a pioneer. I have the honor to learn from her and to co-create product for the future side by side. Marci’s businesses, her partners, and her relationships in the ECO sector are well-established, whereas my relationships, though established, were not originally planted in ECO and sustainable roots. I have a deep belief that together we can leverage her pioneering with my big brand background and make and inspire significant and measurable change in the fashion industry.

What’s your favorite piece from one another's collections?

MZ: My recycled satin pajamas! I wear them all the time and get to twin with my daughter. They feel amazing…

SE: I love what YA is doing, especially as HAH does not work in apparel as our main focus. I wear YES AND tees every week! My favorite is the long sleeve tee that reads, “Make Earth Cool Again worn with YA’s soft cotton face masks!

Where do you see your brand in 5 years?

MZ: I see YES AND as the leading vertically-integrated, farm to finished fashion direct-to-consumer lifestyle brand delivering affordable, accessible and authentic fashion. We look forward to expanding into more product categories so we can transcend into a fully sustainable lifestyle brand!

SE: We Are HAH will be leading the Intimate (lingerie, swim & sleepwear) Sector with sustainable processes and products that are working toward circularity. We will be generating profits that can be shared with all of HAHs stakeholders and we will continue to put people and planet at the center of our heart.  #startsomewear 💚♻️💚

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