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With only a month to go, we're activating in the best ways we know how. We've got plenty of resources to engage you in getting out more than just your own vote-- help others to make their voices heard too!
The Last Weekends 2020 is a coalition of almost FORTY organizations dedicated to mobilizing voters in the last three weeks before November 3rd. If for some reason you are not eligible to vote, you still have the power to influence the vote by calling, writing and donating. Check out their statement here:
Begin your training now-- you don't need to wait until October 17th to get started. 
If voting is all that's on your agenda, check out Fashion Our Future to make sure you're registered, find your polling place and see to it you've participated in the census.
We've got more power than we realize-- roll up your sleeves, skip the chores for a day, and make your voice heard. (And, ahem, look and feel good while you're at it in one of our vote tees and/or masks!) Democracy only works when we participate in it! 
How are you getting involved? Anything we're forgetting? Email us at!


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