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Knowing Me, Knowing You

The start of the New Year feels like an opportune time to re-introduce ourselves to those who have just joined the YES AND movement to wear the change!

YES AND is still a baby-- we launched just under a year ago! If you're here, it means you are part of the journey of a sustainable fashion startup on a mission to sow positivity, empowerment, global awareness, AND organic and regenerative fiber. We believe that fashion's power should be used to effect change that helps us all to thrive.

YES AND was founded by ECOfashion pioneer, Marci Zaroff. If you don't already know, Marci began sowing literal seeds of organic consciousness long before she coined the term "ECOfashion" in 1995. She embodies the Kahlil Gibran quote that, "Work is love made visible." She says that if you do what you love, it's not work, it's love!

Marci has been busy for nearly three decades laying the foundation for the organic businesses we know today. A serial ecopreneur, she began building organic supply chains from the ground up over 25 years ago with her first fashion brand, Under the Canopy. She has been building sustainability through business ever since. In fact, one of her companies, MetaWear Organic, offers turnkey, plug-and-play access to her vertical manufacturing platform.

ECOfashion Corp, Marci's "GreenHouse of Brands," includes not only MetaWear and YES AND, but also our sister brands, Farm to Home and Seed to Style, both available on QVC. Our newest brand, Seed to Style, features an extended size range. Finally, organic apparel that is size-inclusive! This is something we are working on as we build out YES AND as well. Thank you for your patience as we grow! 

This is just a snippet of Marci's career story. We share it because we think credibility matters. We honor her work, past and present, because her walk matches her talk. Authenticity is the only way to build trust and move the needle of sustainability, together.

Everything at YES AND is made with intention, purpose and love. YES, we lead with design... AND we prioritize sustainable agriculture, women's empowerment and a reduced carbon footprint. We know that the harm that has been done to Earth can be undone and we are committed to doing just that.   

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