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Look Inside

"Thinking: the talking of the soul with itself" -Plato

It's likely that these past few weeks have been spent mostly indoors, working from home, or even recently unemployed. This sudden shift away from normalcy has brought some profound questions to the surface. Even those working on the front lines may have new thoughts racing through their busy minds. Take notice of your inner voice. What has it been saying? What do you observe changing within yourself and around the world?

Our team has been reflecting on this shift within ourselves, our organization and our world. We pulled together some of the beauty we've witnessed over the past week. To no one's surprise, our list contained the five pillars that make up what Marci Zaroff, our founder, has named the ECOrenaissance. We are coming out of another cultural Dark Age and experiencing a global rebirth.

"Humankind has experienced many massive revolutions throughout our time on this planet: agricultural, industrial, and technological. And now we're on the brink of a consciousness revolution. We're collectively waking up. And once we wake up, we can't go back to sleep." - Marci Zaroff, ECOrenaissance

The 5 C's

Creativity: We have the power, as humans, to design an entirely new reality. This moment in history has spurred individuals to try new things or re-explore passions they have set aside. Music, fine art, poetry-- these are languages we use to go beyond words to communicate what's inside our souls. Take in the abundant art created by nature and the people in it.

Connection: Everything is connected. This pandemic shines a light on the interconnection of global systems. When one piece falls, we all suffer and when one piece improves, we all benefit. That said, we are all waking up and choosing the stories we share. When we focus on love, we spread light. When we focus on fear, we spread darkness. The webs that link us all vibrate with that love or fear.  This realization, that every action lifts or lowers our collective of living things, can guide us toward choices that enable our world to flourish.
Collaboration: We are stronger together. The positive stories of humanity that are circulating unite and lift us. As social beings, we feed off each other. We inspire one another to do better, to be better. Look around you-- people are coming together to find solutions, lift one another and exist collectively in this moment of physical isolation. We are together in this, and in everything.

Community: Big issues feel daunting when we look at the big picture. When we start at the local level, though, making a positive impact is not as hard. At the moment, our communities are thriving despite distance. Neighbors are eating dinner, together and apart, across driveways. People are finding new ways to celebrate birthdays and holidays digitally and families that have always been separated by distance are reaching out more frequently in appreciation of the luxury to do so. 

Consciousness: This may be the biggest change, whether we've noticed it happening or not. We are amid a sudden reset, driving humanity inward to explore deeper questions. In many ways, we are gaining some time back in the day-- by not having to get ready and commute to work or run errands or leave home to work out. Life feels... a bit less superficial. Just taking notice of these organic changes within ourselves and our daily interactions is an act of waking up our consciousness. Pay attention-- there is so much happening right now, within each and every one of us. All we have to do is listen. 
Does any of this resonate? We would love to hear about the messages you see rising to the surface. Share with us at



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