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Love is Love:
Meet Artist Hannah Eddy

We are so honored to have Hannah Eddy's work grace our Rodale x YesAnd "Don't Hate, Regenerate" tee. We asked her a few questions to find out more about how she ticks as a creative and nature-lover. If you love her work as much as we do, check out her site, where you can order prints, stickers and other merch.

I know you’re inspired by nature. What else drives your work and your passions?

I love being outside and I love to skateboard and snowboard. I am also really into playing music, cooking/eating awesome food, and laughing at stuff! When I’m in the moment doing the things I love, that’s when I’ve let go of my thoughts and I can really tap into the good stuff. Sometimes you have to lose your mind to find your self!

How would you describe your personal style and how do you go about curating your closet?

Comfort is king! I want to be able to hop up and go skate or ride my bike without changing. I usually have paint on my pants, and my favorite place to buy “new” clothing is the thrift store. If I do buy something new I always make sure it’s coming from a cool place that using organic fabrics and is never considered fast fashion.

Has the pandemic impacted your career as an artist? How?

This past year has really made me slow down and focus on my art. It’s made me realize the things that I truly love to create and what gets me excited to get out of bed in the morning. Making art that has a greater purpose and positive meaning has really been helpful during this time, not only for myself but I’m realizing how many other people resonate with it as well.

Do you have a favorite medium? What’s your process for your murals / larger format projects?

Currently my favorite medium is spray paint on large walls because it’s the newest challenge for me and so fun! It feels more like skating or snowboarding because I am outside dealing with the elements. When you paint a perfect line the way you were picturing it’s the same feeling as landing a trick. I also love how murals are for everyone, there is no barrier to entry with public art!

Do you vet commissions or do like-minded individuals & organizations seek you out?

Honestly, I’ve been grateful to have a bunch of really cool people and organizations seek me out. I think it’s because I try to put out the stuff that I want to be doing and it seems to attract like-minded folks.

When / where were you when you found your signature style as an artist? Did you have an “a-ha” moment or did it come with time? (ahem change comes in waves)

The cool thing about being an artist is that there don’t have to be any rules, so I’d like to think that I will constantly be able to reinvent myself and my style as I grow and change. Nothing is permanent and I find comfort in that! If I’m still loving to make the things I’m making now in 20 years then that’s amazing too. I know if I’m grooving on it and happy about what I’m making on a day to day basis then I’m on the right path.

I feel like a lot of your work exists at the intersection of nature and mental health. Why is that? Do you have a personal example of why it matters to you?

I just know that for me when I realized how much it helped calm me down and clear my mind to be out in nature that’s when I really discovered why I love to skateboard, snowboard, surf, mountain bike, hike and all that good stuff. I get some of my best inspiration when I’m out doing the things I love, so naturally that will reflect directly in my work. If I can help encourage someone to go get out in nature through my art, that would be amazing because I know how important it can be for mental health.

Thank you, Hannah, for your co-creation and for taking the time to help us get to know you better! Follow Hannah on instagram to follow her latest work!


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