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OPTIMISM: Reframing Perspectives in 2020

2019 packed a serious punch to humanity. Between political unrest and the increasing threat of mass extinction, there’s a lot to be down about. As with life, where there is discomfort, there is attention. We need to view 2019 as our year of rekindling awareness and then leave it in 2019. A fresh 2020 awaits our vision and action.

“There is hope. I have seen it. But it does not come from the governments or corporations. It comes from the people. The people who have been unaware, but are now starting to wake up.  And once we become aware, we change. People can change. People are ready for change … Every great change throughout history has come from the people. We do not have to wait. We can start the change right now. We, the people.”                                                                         -Greta Thunberg, COP25, Madrid 2019

Our individual and collective power of change lies in how we react to what we know. Here are 5 ways to reframe your perspective in 2020 that will embolden, inspire, and challenge you to take action:

1) Forgive: yourself, others, and humanity as a whole. Be gentle-- every moment is a chance to change.

2) Filter. Monitor what information you take in, the people you surround yourself by and the products you bring into your home. If it / they don’t serve in a manner that evolves you, release.

3) Zoom out. When you find yourself overwhelmed, step back and imagine what your problems look like to someone on the other side of the world, to a speck on a distant star, or to the collective conscience.

4) Commit. This may be very early 2000’s The Secret, but try creating a physical or digital vision board to solidify your intentions for the coming year. Don’t forget the social, political & environmental causes you care about most. Put your vision board where you will see it (over your mirror, on your desktop, a folder on Pinterest, or even the front of the fridge) and keep it evolving with your awareness. Pick a small thing to do weekly or monthly toward whichever cause is at the front of your mind. Choosing apparel brands like yes and that complement Earth’s ability to thrive is one example of a small action that adds up.

5) Here and now. We cannot alter the past or predict the future. Try to accept where you are and appreciate that you will not exist (at least not in our current state of awareness) in this exact moment again. See if you can refocus when you feel pulled into the past or the future in a way that does not serve you.

The signs are everywhere: all around the world humanity is waking up and rising up. From countless mass protests demanding justice, equality and climate action to the increased banning of single use plastics and fur, to accountability for cancer-causing chemical glyphosate, people are activating. Let’s focus on the infinite potential we have as a collective. 


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