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PASSION PROJECT: Listening to Our Inner Guidance

When we think of passion, we often think of someone or something that brings us an intense emotional response. We may think of love and lust, or of the causes we care about deeply.

We deserve to feel this fervently about ourselves and may not make adequate space to do so. Because so much is concrete and scientifically measured and analyzed in our world, the importance of listening to our intuition may fly under the radar. How can our gut always be right? Well, because it’s ours and no one else’s. Our souls are constantly telling us what we need. Whether or not we’re listening is another thing altogether.

I recently read an article about a writer who writes a letter to herself every decade. I was inspired to adapt and share this activity: What if we wrote a love letter... to ourselves? Like meditation, this practice requires us to carve out time and space, not for others, but for us. More importantly, it’s an opportunity to stop and listen to what our hearts are telling us. My inner voice is different than yours and the next person’s. If we don’t listen to our truth, how can we live it?

This Valentine’s Day, dedicate 10 minutes to yourself and write a love letter. If you don’t know where to start, here’s a template to guide you. #trustyourintuition

Dear Me,
I love you because___. 
I trust you and want to listen to you better. One way I can do this is____.
Right now I am pleased with  ____.
My heart is telling me that  ____  isn’t working for me right now.
I hope the world is more ___ when I open this letter next year.
I will ____ to help that happen.
Me, 2020
(To be opened on Valentine’s day 20__)





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