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Power in Numbers

Ever wonder why YES AND prices and promos take shape in odd numbers? We confess, we love the hidden meanings in angel numbers. Based in numerology, the idea behind angel numbers is that we should take notice of numbers and patterns in our lives as a guide. The presence of repeating numbers should gather our awareness around certain themes.

At YES AND, we love ones and threes. If we see ones, it indicates an opening or opportunity. The more of a number you see, the stronger the "signal." So if you see lots of ones, like "11:11" on the clock or $111 on a receipt, your gut instinct is particularly reliable. If we see threes, it's a calling to embrace truth. If you see lots of threes, like "3:33" or "$33," you may have a message that needs to be shared broadly. It can also be a calling to work toward more balance in your life.


"The number 11.11 is inherently a synchronicity. When you start to see the number 11, it represents something bigger than us: love, protection, clarity, guidance. It helps us tune in to who we really are. Think of the number 11.11 as a force of activation. It allows us to tap into that love, that light, that energy that lives within every single one of us. We can manifest that energy in human form."

~ Marci Zaroff, Founder & CEO of YES AND

Take notice of themes in your life. When patterns repeatedly appear throughout your day, have a look to see what that synchronicity might mean. Here's a great article to explain more, if you're interested!

While you're learning to allow the numbers in your life to guide you, we hope you'll also accept our guidance on all that's fashionable, sustainable and ethical! We're celebrating the last arrivals of our newest collection in stock on-- wait for it-- 11/11 at 11:11. ✨ We also know that 1+1=11, meaning we are stronger together than we are apart. 

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