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Regenerate Your Sleep Experience

Our partnership with The Montauk Beach House this summer has us inspired to share more about why we are so committed to sustainability. We've outfitted the hip Hamptons hotel with bedding, towels and throws from our sister brand, Farm to Home, not to mention robes and a pop-up shop from YesAnd. This symbiotic co-creation was born out of a shared love of human and environmental wellness.

There is one key ingredient to wellness that is often overlooked. We know that we need sleep, but its benefits depend upon the quality of that rest. We have to go beyond the surface to achieve a truly restorative sleep experience. Here are 5 reasons to choose organic and sustainable textiles in your bedroom.

1  WE NEED GOOD SLEEP MORE THAN EVER.  We spend around a third of our lives asleep. Sleep is central to our wellbeing, but the stress levels we cope with and pace at which we are moving these days are disrupting our sleep patterns. Add to that a constant flow of information through technology and social media, climate change anxiety, and a global pandemic--  no wonder we're more exhausted than ever. Sleep disruption is actually one of the biggest threats to our health. If we can improve our sleep experience, benefits can impact our heart health, memory, cognitive function, stress levels, stamina, mood, risk of obesity, and immune system! With decent and consistent sleep becoming an endangered resource, nighttime comfort is a luxurious experience that we think everyone should have access to.

2 SLEEP SUPPORT IS A THING.  Synthetic bedding trap heats, making us sweaty. Moisture gets trapped in our bedding and mattresses which then become a perfect home for bacteria, mold, mildew, and dust mites. Natural fiber organic and sustainable bedding helps us to regulate and keep cool while we sleep. Even better? Regulating and maintaining our body temperature means we can get to sleep faster, with longer periods of deep REM sleep. 

3 TOXINS, BEGONE!  Conventional bedding, both synthetic and made from non-organic natural fiber textiles, is riddled with toxic residue from agricultural pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides, synthetic dyes and finishing chemicals, chlorine bleach, flame retardants, formaldehyde and more. Certified organic materials and sustainable ECOlyptus (TENCEL™ Lyocell) require no toxic chemical inputs and do not adversely impact the environment, animals or humans. Air quality is improved in the sleeping environment and hypoallergenic properties support those with allergies, apnea, or eczema.

4 FARMER & WORKER WELFARE  Sleep better knowing that organic and sustainable textiles support organic farmers with a living wage, worker rights, and education programs. Our farmers in India are part of a program that supports and teaches how to convert agricultural land to organic and regenerative farming at little or no cost, impacting their local ecosystems. Everyone wins!

5 BETTER FOR MOTHER EARTH  Organic farming helps regenerate soil health, reduces carbon emissions and water usage, soil runoff, and more. Fewer energy inputs are necessary for natural fiber harvesting as opposed to petroleum-based manufacturing. Organic bedding lasts longer because no harmful finishing chemicals are present to break down the fiber structure and they don't shed synthetic microfibers in the wash. That alone should quell your environmental anxiety for a better night's rest!

We understand that what we put in our body matters: most of the population already shop organic when it comes to food and beauty. But, the importance of bedding choice isn't necessarily on everyone's radar. At the end of the day, we should choose restorative, harmless comfort in our beds-- for ourselves, yes... AND for Mother Earth and workers, too!

Do you have organic and sustainable bedding? Try out the cozy, affordable, and organic Farm to Home line for yourself!


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