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Sustainability Offers Resilience in the Face of Volatility

There are a slew of reasons why sustainable business is better for people, planet, profit, passion and purpose. But as we embark on new territory in this unpredictable moment, operating sustainably is proving to be even more valuable than we could have imagined.

1. Direct-to-Consumer models don't require the energy necessary to operate retail storefronts. There is less waste because there's no need for shelves and racks to appear full. But we are learning a last benefit-- in the face of an economic downturn or pandemic as the case may be, staying afloat is much more feasible with a digitally native sales platform. 

2. Disposable, trendy fashion will be the first to get pulled from the closet to make a homemade mask. Styling that's versatile and comfortable for both lounging and dressing up, on the other hand, suits any lifestyle shift. 

3. Sustainability means having transparent and lasting relationships. At YES AND, these strange times drive us to regularly check in with our partners and work family. This type of real effort and communication means we know where we stand on fiber supply and production status, so we can react quickly when the dust settles. It also means we connect with each other on a level that goes beyond the bottom line.

4) We can expect a rise in automation and made in the US when we come out of this. We may not see the end of global trade, but keeping things close and simple is proving to be more than just time and energy-saving. It makes sense. 

5) Companies that have been slow to adopt work-from-home or job-sharing models are being forced to do so. Being able to move fluidly from  home to work life, without the time, stress and pollution of a daily commute may allow more of a wellness balance. We will all emerge from this with a renewed perspective on work structure. 

We hope you're enjoying our blog topics. We're gearing up for more Earth Day content and will be diving deeper into the YES AND no-compromise philosophy. Stay tuned and drop us a line, why don't you?





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