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The Art of Gift-Giving in 2020

Most of us are ready to say goodbye to 2020. But first, the holidays. With the world in such state of flux, what do people really want?

A recent study from WGSN called "Value Shift" identified what exactly what consumers want these days. We can definitely relate!

1. VALUE to ease financial anxiety

2. WELLNESS to calm our health worries

3. TOGETHERNESS to cure loneliness

4. TRUST in the face of fake news

5. COMFORT when there is so much worry

It's hard to think that any material gift can check all these boxes. At YES AND, we add value to our styles by embedding affordability and high-quality. We use only organic and sustainable materials to keep you safe and healthy. We bring people together around the causes that matter to all of us. Our organic cotton products are GOTS certified, so you can rest easy knowing they are best for people and planet. And we certainly deliver on both physical comfort and mental ease, with our buttery fabrications and walk that matches our sustainable talk. 

So much has been lost over the past few decades of gift giving. "It's the thought that counts," and yet, so little thought has been put into the making of or choosing of gifts. This return to genuine care in gift giving is everything 2020 craves. So dig deep this holiday season and go beyond the surface. Need ideas? Check out our 2020 gift guide!

How has your style of gift giving evolved this year? Let us know


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