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Vocab Class:
voter suppression

n. vo·ter sup·res·sion |ˈvoʊ tər ˈsəˈprɛʃ ən 

1 a strategy used to influence the outcome of an election by discouraging or preventing specific groups of people from voting. (Wikipedia)


"The tactics of voter suppression range from minor changes to make voting less convenient, to physically intimidating and even physically attacking prospective voters, which is illegal. Voter suppression can be effective if a significant number of voters are intimidated or disenfranchised." (Wikipedia)

A few recent examples of voter suppression in America:

  • Strict Voter ID laws

  • Closure of DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) in  minority neighborhoods

  • Shutting down polling places in minority neighborhoods

  • Depriving voting locations in minority neighborhoods of resources like voting machines and poll workers

  • Purging voters from the rolls shortly before elections

    Furthermore, "The House voted to include an emergency grant of $25 billion to the post office to facilitate the predicted flood of mail ballots. Trump conceded that the post office would need additional funds to handle the additional mail-in voting, and said he will not grant any additional funding because he wanted to prevent any increase in balloting by mail." (Wikipedia)

    That's voter suppression. 

    What can you do to help?

    • Most importantly, know your rights.

    • Volunteer to help get voters to their polling places.

    • Volunteer in areas of voter suppression to act as an extra set of eyes for shady business.

    • Bring extra masks and hand sanitizer to polling places.

    • If you see any forms of intimidation or suppression, call 1-866-OUR-VOTE and notify your local election officials.

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