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Vocab Class:
slow fashion

n. slow fash·ion | slō ˈfaSHən |

1 a concept describing the opposite to fast fashion and part of the "slow movement", which advocates for manufacturing in respect to people, environment and animals. As such, contrary to industrial fashion practices, slow fashion involves local artisans and the use of eco-friendly materials, with the goal of preserving crafts and the environment and, ultimately, provide value to both consumers and producer. (Wikipedia)

At YES AND we believe in looking at the big picture. Like the slow food movement, slow fashion pays close attention to slowing consumption and taking the time to get to know who made our things. Knowing the source of our food and fiber is central to the slow movement.

Like fast food, fast fashion is junk. It's bad for our bodies, the earth, the people and biodiversity. If price is an issue, shop thrift or swap with your friends. Slowing down goes beyond lessening our speed-- it's increasing our awareness. 

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