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What is TENCEL™ anyway?

You might be familiar with the silky feel of TENCEL™, but did you know it's made from trees? In addition to organic cotton, we love to use this fabulous fiber at YES AND because it has properties we can't quite achieve with cotton alone, like silkiness, sheen and drape. 

Some brands turn to polyester or rayon to achieve these properties. Unfortunately, polyester is derived from petrochemicals and sheds nonbiodegradable microfibers in the wash. Rayon, derived from trees, is processed with highly toxic chemicals and emits noxious gases when it's manufactured. 

TENCEL™ lyocell, from sustainably farmed and renewable wood pulp, is processed in a closed-loop, where the solvents necessary to break down the wood into a cellulosic glop are reused over and over again. Because rayon (as well as some of its cousins-- modal and viscose), and TENCEL™ lyocell may have similar appearances, they may seem comparable. They're not. They've got radically different environmental and health impacts. On top of that, TENCEL™ lyocell is 3x stronger than cotton, boosting the durability of our styles because longevity is a key factor in sustainability. TENCEL™ lyocell is the only manufactured cellulosic (plant-based) fiber with standards we can feel good about. 

We are committed to making fashion that helps humanity thrive. Choosing fibers than come from the Earth and can be returned to the Earth just feels right. We hope you learned something new! If you'd like to understand our sustainability commitments better, check out this page.

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