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YES, Co-Create... AND Regenerate!

We are so excited to share the details of this synergistic new tee, co-created by artist Hannah Eddy, Rodale Institute and YES AND. Proceeds from the “Don’t Hate, Regenerate” t-shirt design will empower farmers to transition to organic.

Rodale Institute encourages everyone to “love your Mother Earth” and grow more organic acres with their new t-shirt collaboration with YES AND Apparel and artist Hannah Eddy.

Rodale Institute’s newest organic cotton t-shirts, manufactured by YES AND, feature an original illustration by Eddy, proclaiming, “Don’t Hate, Regenerate.” The shirts are available in a variety of sizes at the Rodale Institute online store and in person at their Kutztown headquarters’ Visitor Center. Proceeds will benefit Rodale Institute’s mission to heal people and the planet through regenerative organic farming.

Rodale Institute has been researching regenerative organic agriculture for nearly 75 years, encouraging consumers to consider the impact of agriculture on their health, the planet, and their communities. While organic food and fiber has grown in popularity over the last decade, reaching $55 billion in US sales in the last year, regenerative organic sourcing in apparel is still in its infancy.

“The market for organic food is booming as people focus on their personal health,” said Diana Martin, Director of Communications & Marketing for Rodale Institute. “But to support the health of both people and the planet—we need to reach for organic whenever we buy agricultural products, including fashion and fiber. We are excited to launch this collaboration to show that regenerative organic agriculture is fun and fashion-forward while supporting healthy soil, clean air and water, and biodiversity. The future of organic apparel is bright!”

Founded by Rodale Institute Ambassador Marci Zaroff, YES AND apparel was created to banish the stigma that sustainable fashion must sacrifice style, quality, fit, color, comfortor price. YES AND puts both women and the environment at the forefront of every decision, showing that fashion is not at odds with sustainability. All YES AND products are organic and GOTS certified, low impact dyed, GMO-free, and ethically made.

YES AND Founder and Rodale Institute Ambassador Marci Zaroff models the new Don’t Hate, Regenerate t-shirt

“We spend most of our lives with textiles against our largest and primary organ for absorption organ, our skin. Thousands of chemicals used in conventional cotton farming and throughout the textile supply chain end up against our skin,” said Zaroff. “It doesn’t just matter what we put in our bodies, but we put ON them. Similarly, soil is the skin of the Earth—how we farm matters. We’ve partnered with Rodale Institute because we share the belief that we can heal much of the climate damage that humans have created through regenerative organic farming.”

Hannah Eddy is an illustrator, painter, and muralist based in Reno, Nevada. Her work spreads positivity and encourages an appreciation for nature in a way that’s fun, colorful, and funky. Her work has been featured by Intersectional Environmentalist, Camelbak, Protect Our Winters, and more.

“I love to partner with companies, brands, and nonprofits that are working to make the world a better place, which is why a Rodale Institute collaboration was right up my alley,” said Eddy. “My design was inspired by the concept of regenerative organic agriculture, which recognizes that everything is connected. Every part needs to be working together to maximize nutrients in the soil, biodiversity, a healthy water cycle, and an overall happier planet. Less hating, more regenerating!”

Proceeds from the sale of these products will support Rodale Institute’s mission, which includes Organic Farm Consulting Services launched in 2019. This service puts trained agronomists on farms seeking to transition to organic, providing one-on-one mentorship and guidance through organic certification, crop planning, market strategies, and more. In under two years of operation, Rodale Institute’s consulting services have gained over 200 farmer clients and continue to grow throughout the country.

Followers can also enter an exclusive Instagram giveaway on these channels for their own Don’t Hate, Regenerate shirt, a limited-edition Hannah Eddy print, Rodale Institute branded merchandise, and a $200 gift card to YES AND, which runs until May 12. Follow @rodaleinstitute, @yesand, and @hannaheddyart for details.

“Don’t Hate, Regenerate” shirts can be purchased here at YES AND or at the Rodale Institute online store.

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