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The Problem-Solution Cycle

Climate change is a tough pill to swallow. One way we stay positive at YesAnd is by focusing on solutions. But today's answers may not work tomorrow. That's where the problem-solution cycle comes into play: problems inspire us to design solutions. Those solutions cause different problems, and so the cycle continues as we evolve and react to what we learn with each rotation. 

In fashion, there are a slew of problems. At this moment in time, we're designing to solve for particular issues. But, we are committed to taking on the challenges that are thrown our way as the world shifts and priorities change. Here are some of the issues we face right now and our current YesAnd methods for mitigating them. 

PROBLEM: Microplastic pollution

SOLUTION: Using fibers like organic cotton and TENCEL™ Lyocell that come from nature that can be broken down when shedding occurs

PROBLEM: Exploitative labor

SOLUTION: Committing to GOTS-certified suppliers, who meet stringent labor standards and pay a living wage

PROBLEM: Greenhouse Gases trapped in the atmosphere

SOLUTION: Choosing fiber grown using regenerative organic farming methods that draw carbon back down into the soil (where it belongs) and trap it there. (AKA "carbon sequestration")

PROBLEM: Air pollution from farm clearing between harvests (India)

SOLUTION: Empowering farmers to sell off biomass (agricultural waste) at a profit, which is then used to create regenerative bio-based fibers

PROBLEM: Fashion's waste stream 

SOLUTION: Offering simple ways (YesAnd Repeat) to keep clothing in the system longer

PROBLEM: E-commerce (AKA shopping online) = transportation emissions

SOLUTION: Each purchase YesAnd purchase plants a tree, offsetting carbon impact.

By keeping our sights on solutions, we can maintain stamina to keep going when the doom and gloom threaten to set in. How do you cope with the reality of climate change? How do you stay positive? Let us know!


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